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Standards Testing - Ankle

For more than four decades, ORL is recognized as an innovator of testing standards and methods with an extensive track record of providing information necessary for successful regulatory approvals, product quality confirmation, marketing materials and surgeon education. This Standards listing encapsulates the breadth of this expertise.

ASTM F2665 - Standard Specification for Total Ankle Replacement Prosthesis

This specification is intended to provide basic descriptions of material and prosthesis geometry for total ankle replacement prostheses used to provide functioning articulation by employing talar and tibial components.

ISO 22622 - Implants for surgery — Wear of total ankle-joint prostheses — Loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines with load or displacement control and corresponding environmental conditions for test

Specifies the relative angular movement between articulating components, the pattern of the applied force, speed and duration of testing, sample configuration and test environment to be used for the wear testing of total ankle-joint prostheses in wear-testing machines with load or displacement control.